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A Must Have PR Tool: Online Video Content

15 Jun

YouTube alone experiences more than 2 billion views a day. When you combine this fact with new survey data from Pew that reveals 69% of all adult Internet users (52% of all Americans) watch online video content, it’s hard to deny that video has become a staple of online communication.

I recently purchased a Flip cam and have been impressed with the quality of video it takes. The camera is so easy to use and carry, it makes my list of items every PR pro should have on hand. I’ve actually used my Flip Cam for a work project and was happy with the final product.

Sure, some situations warrant a full camera crew and high-value production to produce a sleek, finished product. But in many cases, you can put together a short video that will resonate with your key audiences with minimal investment of resources. In our real-time communications world, speed often trumps quality.

Videos can increase site traffic, audience engagement, and the spread of your messages. The content is easy to promote across brand platforms, accessible on mobile devices, aids SEO, and is affordable to create. In a world where content is king, online video meets the demand for fresh content and can cut through the online chatter by speaking directly to your audience.

As Fast Company noted, Pew’s study doesn’t contain many “shockers,” but it is a reminder that video is a valuable communications medium on the Web and should likely play a role when developing an online campaign. How are you incorporating video content into your public relations plan?


Quick Thoughts on YouTube ReDesign

21 Jan

YouTube rolled out a series of major design changes to its video pages today. For now, users can decide if they want to employ the new design, but soon the changes will be ubiquitous.

Changes include like or dislike buttons instead of the five-star ratings, improved search, easier to find video analytics, and an overall cleaner look and feel. Mashable has all the details and screenshots.

My initial reaction is positive. Although changes are geared toward improving the user experience, I see a lot of potential for brands actively engaging on the site. While the redesign is still in Beta, now is the time to start exploring the site and determining how your channel may be impacted and how it can benefit.