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WMATA Holiday Cheer (No, Really)

14 Dec

It’s not often I find a reason to laud anything related to WMATA, but this morning I found myself singing a different tune (literally) because the Farragut West metro station has been turned into a center of holiday cheer. Honest to goodness I swear on my life, people were smiling and in great spirits leaving the station. No, really. I bore witness to this once thought impossible feat.

What could prompt people to audibly say something nice about metro during the morning commute? Well, sometime in the past week or so holiday decorations appeared at the station -ribbon wrapped around rails, bows, candy cane poles, and a wreath or two. But, this morning the #WMATA employees had taken it up a notch with the addition of icicle lights to the booth and MUSIC!

That’s right – I exited that station to the merry sounds of Christmas music and lights! While it’s nothing grandiose, I really appreciate the effort to spread some cheer. If I had to guess, I think it’s the fantastic WMATA employee who usually stands in front of the gates and says good morning to all the customers. She is awesome and if she is responsible for the decorations she is doubly awesome.

Does anyone else have decorations at their metro stations?



DC Dancers Take it to “The Streets”

28 May

In case you missed this awesome video on DCist a few weeks back of DJ Mad Sole and friends breakdancing on the Metro you need to check it out. The video received a lot of negative comments on DCist, but I disagree. I would love to encounter breakdancers during my otherwise trite commute home!

I also love this video because it reminds me of one of the best dance movies of all time: Step Up 2: The Streets. (That’s right, I called it one of the best dance movies) Since I don’t have time to create a fun mash-up, you’ll just have to settle for watching the clip I found.