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A Sweet Send Off

2 Jul

Friday was my last day at Levick. As a final parting gift I baked cupcakes and adorned them with digital and social media logos.

Though it might seem odd I would bring in treats on my last day of work, I was the resident baker in the office. I’ve baked everything from bacon cupcakes to fresh cinnamon swirl bread.

I thought it would be fun to share one final sweet treat with my co-workers. Plus, I couldn’t resist decorating the cupcakes with Facebook, Twitter, and Google icons.


My 15 mins of Top Chef Fame?

24 Jun

Shortly after @dmbosstone posted his re-cap of last night’s Top Chef DC: Hail to the Chef my inbox started filling up with new messages. Odd right?


It turns out I am mildly famous in the DC blogging world today! We Love DC’s Patrick Pho selected my profound, 140-character insight tweeted out during the show last night as his “Tweet of the Day.” SCORE!

If you watched, you already know that this week’s challenge was to make a healthy school lunch for the students at Alice Deal Middle School. Like Patrick, I also loved this challenge because I believe that our society needs to do a better job teaching healthy eating habits at a young age.

However, in true Top Chef fashion all of the menus seemed out of place for the school lunchroom. Last time I checked the types of ingredients  being tossed around the Top Chef kitchen are only used when feeding the Romanov kids.

Which leads me to my now famous tweet:


You read that right – sherry. As in the alcoholic substance sometimes used to cook with and create that awesome “flame affect” when you pour it in the pan. Just a standard ingredient on every school lunch menu where the lunch ladies have time to braise the main course.

Oh well, I was impressed with some of the dishes turned out on a $2.68 budget per child.

Now that we are Twitter friends, I’m trying to convince Patrick that a viewing party is in order! We can live tweet it up and have our very own quick fire challenge. I think it’s what the people want…

Ferris Bueller on Twitter?!?!

9 May

A silly waste of time, but a fun one. Check out Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on Twitter and Foursquare!