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Lessons from Coke’s Social Media Policy

11 Jan

Rightfully so, employee social media use policies have received a fair amount of attention as of late. From why you need to set rules, to how setting those rules should be done, a wide variety of literature from social media experts has emerged. All offer valuable guidance and food for thought, but I always find examples most insightful.

Today, PRNewser features Coca-Cola’s internal social media policy. Whether you are attempting to develop a social media use policy for your company or are an employee active in the social media space, checking out Coke’s three pages of guidelines is worth a read.

The document offers on-point guidance that communicates to employees they should take pride in their corporate community while also empowering them to do so. Coke’s policy outlines the goal of online engagement up front and reminds us policies don’t have to be weighed down by pages of legalese.

While the policy presents clear dos and don’ts for Coke’s employee brand ambassadors, I would be curious to know what type of social media training the company provides. As the saying goes, knowledge is power.

Outside of Telstra, it seems companies are focused more on social media policies than social media education for employees. My hope is 2010 will bring an increase in companies sharing examples of training programs as well.