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Fun Food Find Helps You Shop Seasonal

13 Jan

For Christmas I received the cookbook The Conscious Cook. The book takes a unique approach to cooking vegan that will make you think about the purpose and approach of your cooking.

By no means do I qualify as a vegan or for that matter even a vegetarian. However, I do embrace the book’s philosophy that when we focus on fresh, natural, and nutritional ingredients we feel healthier and more fulfilled.

During the summer walking around your neighborhood farmer’s market selecting produce for the week is an activity more than a chore. It’s easy to find inspiration, discover what’s fresh, and keep the philosophy of the “conscious” cook. But, once the slightest chill hits the air this Georgia girl only finds brilliance in her space heater.

Enter Epicurious’ Seasonal Ingredient Map. The interactive map allows you to search by location and month to find out what’s in season. Not only can you figure out what to buy in your area, but you can also find out what’s in season if you are taking a vacation. Knowing what’s fresh in a new area is a great way to select items on a menu or even select the restaurant where you want to eat.

I’ll still be making tons of the sweet, sinful creations that grace the pages of Bon Appetit. But in between baking binges I’ll be using Epicurious’ map to find cooking ideas year-round and keep my menus fresh and local.