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Vampire Weekend + UStream

12 Sep

Last night we trekked it out to Merriweather Post Pavilion for Vampire Weekend. The company, tailgate, music, and atmosphere made the show one of my top concerts to date. Coming from me this a rather bold statement since I’ve seen a number of unbelievable bands live. But Vampire Weekend delivered with a non-stop, high-energy, two-hour set.

Merriweather is no Wolftrap, but at least you can tailgate in the parking lot. We brought one our traditional picnic spreads:

From Chef Val:

  • White Bean Dip
  • Quionia Salad

From Chef Dan:

  • Mozarella, Basil, Tomato, and Prosciutto Sandwiches
  • Watermelon slices with a lime mint syrup
  • Choclate Chip Cookies with a hint of Cinnamon

From Bartender Jason:

  • Wine x a lot

Really the only sad part of the whole affair was @Carolinefjones’ absence. Thankfully, technology rocks and I was able to UStream part of the concert. I’ll just put it out there now – the recording is um, rough. More of less the only real draw here is the fact I was able to stream from my phone. Regardless, I thought I would share anyway!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vampire Weekend, posted with vodpod

Update: Our photo made DCist!


The National Played a “Slow Show” for Me

8 Jun

Sunday night I enjoyed the sounds and swagger of The National with @carolinefjones at DAR. The National has topped my iTunes playlists since I acquired Boxer. The whole album weaves together a narrative about life and love that has a tangible quality to it I never tire of.

While the music satisfied, what impressed the most was “Super Fan” down in front. “Super Fan” rocked the entire show. And he rocked HARD. No song was sung without “Super Fan” putting his heart and soul into the music.  He is a concert hero.

I love when people put their passions on display and I hope the concert was everything “Super Fan” imagined. See if you spot “Super Fan” in the clips below…