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Tales from the Basement…Kitteh that is

30 Jan

When my dear friend Caroline e-mailed me an update about the new kitty she had adopted I expected the sort of note that sends warm fuzzies radiating through your body. You can imagine my, er, surprise when I saw the words “OJ Gloves” and “dustpan” smattered throughout the text. Was this an update about her cat or someone trying to cat-nap her little feline friend?

It turns out she had adopted the real Basement Kitteh (aka Chicory). After a couple of weeks of loving Chicory the pet/pet owner bond has yet to form, i.e. Chicory prefers the nook behind the fridge to the nook of Caroline’s arm. While this is rather unfortunate for Caroline, her stories of bringing up kitteh are chuckle worthy.

It’s no secret that I’m not a pet person, but I practically beg Caroline for updates on Chicory’s socialization progress. Thankfully, she has carved out a little spot in the blogosphere to share her tales of taming a feral kitten. Check out Basement Kitteh and let Caroline know if you have the secret to winning over Chicory!

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