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Remembering and Honoring Heros

11 Sep

It’s a beautiful Saturday here in DC, but nine years ago all of us spent this day in shock as the events of 9/11 unfolded. I was a freshman at the University of Georgia on my way to take a Stat test. The first reports of the attacks came across the bus’ radio, but I only had vague information before reaching my stop. I remember walking into my test terrified and unsure where my Dad was traveling to that day. It was all I could do to finish my test, rush back to my dorm, and call my Mom.

The September 11 Digital Archive collects, preserves, and shares the history of the 9/11 attacks and public responses to them. These types of collections are critical to remembering our history and keeping in mind those we have lost to protect our great nation.

Take a moment today to explore the collections online and reflect on the last nine years. Where were you?


Does Austin Rival Seattle for Best Coffee Shops?

11 Mar

  1. Owl Tree Roasting - Named a Best Coffee Shop by Bon Appetit

Reason two I love Austin: Coffee Shops. Austin is a caffeine addict’s paradise. All over the city seem to be unique coffee shops with large patios just waiting for you to kick-back and relax.

I could have spent all day on my laptop working, drinking coffee, and soaking up the sun. That might be why everyone here seems so happy and stress-free. They all get to work on sunny patios with an endless supply of caffeine.

Adding to the glory of the Austin coffee shop – adult beverages. All the coffee shopsalso appear to be bars. It’s the same combo that Northside Social in my Arlington neighborhood at home is adopting. After my Austin experience I’m eager for the store to open for business.

In SXSWi news, I braved the long line at the Austin Convention Center to claim my SXSWi badge and “big bag.” Glad I took care of that task in advance so I can jump right into the festivities on Friday.

With the conference about to start I’m only left with two lingering questions:

  1. Will my iPhone workand can I withstand it failing me?
  2. Do people really wear their conference badges out all night even if it’s not necessary?