A Menu Worthy of the Gilmore Girls

6 Sep

Impressive and delicious, this cake is a great finish to any girls night!

After all the fuss, Earl turned out to bring perfect weather to DC for the holiday weekend. Sunny and breezy you couldn’t help but spend time outside, unless of course you decided to hold a Gilmore Girls marathon like me.

I know, I know – Why would I host a TV marathon on such a perfect weekend? Thinking Earl might ruin my pool dreams I had already set my heart on a Gilmore Girls day…

Since @Akmcquade and @Fleuredeflorida were up for the gathering, we spent Sunday drinking, dining, and watching TV.

Thankfully @Akmcquade is in love with Gilmore Girls as much as me and understands the need to watch the show for hours on end. I finally have someone who gets all my show references and doesn’t look at me like I’m crazy!

No Gilmore Girls event would be complete without a feast, so I put together the below menu (sadly no pop-tarts, pizza, or Chinese food):

Everything was easy to assemble, colorful, light, and delicious. Can’t wait for our next Gilmore Girls event!


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