Day trip: North Beach

16 Aug

I’ve been itching to go on a road trip. Not for any particular reason. Just a desire to escape the city for the day. Thankfully, a few friends felt the same way and we planned a trip to North Beach, Maryland to satisfy our travel bug this past weekend.

Our decision to check out North Beach hinged on two key points: 1) It’s only 45 minutes away and 2) Washingtonian recently deemed it akin to Key West. So Saturday morning we packed up the cooler, turned on a little Vampire Weekend, and headed out!

Upon arrival, it quickly became apparent that The Washingtonian had perhaps overstated the likeness of North Beach to Key West. I’m used to wide open beaches with miles of sand and waves for as far as the eye can see. North Beach consisted on two small strips of sand, rocks, trash in the water, and a teenager monitoring access to the beach.

After paying for beach passes (a first for me), we found a spot and settled in. Lucky for us we arrived early enough to spread out. For those arriving after noon the choices for parking your towel were limited. So if you ever go, go early!

Despite my beach neighbors’ incessant chattering about their desire to never work and affinity for singing along to bad R&B – the afternoon was relaxing. We had escaped the city, we could smell Bay air, and sand was under our toes.

The town was also fun to explore – we treated ourselves to Sweet Sue’s and checked out the finds at Nice and Fleazy Antiques. I fell in love with a box of wooden letter stamps and found two “V’s” to add to my initial collection. Purchasing the letters pretty much made the day a success in my book.

All in all, North Beach is nice, quick escape for the day, but certainly no beach vacation.

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One Response to “Day trip: North Beach”

  1. April Roland August 16, 2010 at 10:18 pm #

    atleast we were in good company, too…hope your week is great!

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