The Third Time is Always a Charm

25 Jul

Thanks to Brain Williams (my nightly news anchor crush) I was introduced to Deer Tick about a year ago and instantly fell in love. In a word, the music is gritty. But it’s also soulful, sinful, and at times serene.

Last Thursday I saw the band live for the third time at the Rock & Roll Hotel. The show lived up to all my expectations despite the unbearable heat and pushy crowd. The show started with a series of songs from War Elephant and Born on Flag Day before moving into songs from the new album The Black Dirt Sessions. Highlights included These Old Shoes, Baltimore Blues No. 1, Ashamed, and Smith Hill.

The only true disappointment came when the band finished without playing Dirty Dishes (my all time fav song). Thankfully I’ve heard it live twice including an acapella style version at Black Cat.

I wasn’t able to capture much video during the show since we stood in the back by the fan, but I did record Ashamed (below). I also recommend this great link the band tweeted to their set in NYC at Maxwell’s from NYC Taper. You can download the whole set live as an Mp3. FANTASTIC.


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