Experiencing the SunTrust National Marathon

24 Mar

In the world of running there are two huge milestones – the half marathon and marathon. Both require endurance and perseverance to cross the finish line. Both seem unattainable. Both seem outright impossible. In fact, less than one percent of the population has completed a half marathon or marathon.

Yet, this past Saturday one of my closest DC pals, Caroline, joined the elite few who have stepped foot across that line. She completed the SunTrust National Half Marathon!

A handful of us were on hand to cheer her on and greet her at the finish line. Being out at the race supporting all the runners was inspiring and invigorating. Watching the marathoners near the finish line with looks of determination and pride had us ready to jump the barriers and run right along with them.

As a runner, I can attest that having people on the sidelines yelling words of encouragement is often the boost you need to keep going. In a way you feel accountable to your cheerleaders and dig down deep to put a smile on your face and keep moving.

I’m proud of Caroline for completing a running milestone and hope I can join the 13.1 club by year’s end (my 2010 New Year’s resolution). I think I am going to run the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon in September…who’s with me?


One Response to “Experiencing the SunTrust National Marathon”

  1. Caroline March 25, 2010 at 11:45 am #

    thanks for posting this! it meant so much to me to have y’all there!! Cherry Blossom 10 Miler here we come!

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