On your mark, get set, train

1 Feb

Cherry Blossom training officially started today. This will be my fourth year running the race, and I am excited to report my Dad will be running with me this year!

I convinced him that running 10 miles really wasn’t that much farther than the Peachtree Road Race’s 6.2 miles — his longest race to date. I must be pretty persuasive since he caved, signed up for the lottery, got a number, and now has to train to run 10 miles. I’m a fantastic daughter.

After my disastrous race last year, in which I killed my knee somewhere around mile six and limped the rest of the distance to the finish line, I’m hoping for a more successful experience this year. In fact, I’m so confident I will have a good race year I signed up for the advanced training program.

This seemed like a stellar idea until I actually received the first week’s training schedule. I run a long distance a few times a week typically, but this has me running more long distances back-to-back. Yikes. The first few weeks are going to be rough.

Let me know if you have any good training tips!


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