It’s Official – I’m a Blogger

9 Jan

I’ve felt compelled to start a blog for a while. But, the PR professional inside me has always held me back. This might seem counter intuitive to those who know me, since I help clients develop social media communities every day. However, my profession has taught me how important “blogging strategy” is and the elements needed for success. Blogging is a commitment, and I questioned whether it was one I could make.

For months I mulled over my dilemma, while my friends patiently listened to me drone on about what topic my future blog should address. The belief I needed a unique niche for my blog had me paralyzed. Finally, I decided to just take the plunge.

Rather than write about one aspect of life, such as my love for cooking, experiences being a young professional in DC, time spent volunteering, or views on the evolution of social media, I decided I didn’t need to limit the topic of my blog. That isn’t me, so why should it be my blog?

I promise there will be cohesion throughout my posts. My goal is to post one item a day that added an extra moment of joy, humor, or insight to my life. I hope those who discover and read my blog will also find that one post a worthwhile addition to their day  – hence the name of my blog, Daily Addendum.

I look forward to reading your comments, sharing a little about life in DC, and connecting with others who share similar interests.


One Response to “It’s Official – I’m a Blogger”

  1. Patrick Kerley (your coworker) January 10, 2010 at 4:15 pm #

    I’ve been thinking the same thing – I am so tired of giving other people blog strategies… 😉 Have fun!

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